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Zaitoon Exclusive Online Civil Service Coaching


Zaitoon International Campus (ZIC) is an educational centre under the aegis of Zaitoon Foundation with separate campuses for both boys and girls in Kerala which can lay claim to a winning combination of international quality education and moral studies. Professional teaching along with individual mentoring makes ZIC one of the premier international colleges within southern India. Though Islamic Studies is an integral part of its core curriculum, ZIC is still an interdenominational institution.
Established on 1st May, 2017 and founded upon Islamic and moral values, ZIC was officially instigated on 12 June 2017 with an overarching aim of raising a new breed of pious professionals with tremendous religious spirit running through their veins, whose dedicated activities will definitely translate into better return in both the worlds. Having grown by leaps and bounds ever since and made a splash in the academic history of Kerala, Zaitoon has now a cornucopia of courses on offer.


Zaitoon is a unique destination for both domestic and overseas students, without any parallel or precedent in the history of India. What marks Zaitoon off other educational institutions is that it offers a rare amalgam of religious and secular subjects. Every faculty member, in other words every mentor, gives a hundred and ten percent to broaden their mentees’ horizon, opening the door to the echoless expanse of higher studies. That is why Zaitoon is the best jumping-off point for a journey to a great future.

Our Values

Upcoming Events

Chess Competition

Under the auspicious of sports club, Chess Competition is scheduled on next Monday.

Seminar on importance of health

The science club has been decided to conduct an open seminar on "Importance of Maintaining Health in modern era".

Laboratory Renovation

The inauguration of renovated Laboratory will be held on 2nd of next month at school auditorium.

Sports day

Sports day of ZIGS will be held on 22nd of this month under the auspicios of Spports club.
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