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A one-day/two-day retreat programme meant for preparing couples for a successful married life. The workshop contains: knowledge sessions on the alchemy of love that brings hearts together, spiritual strategies of marital relationship, activities that evoke internal wisdom, motivations that tune your feelings to affection and reciprocity, therapies that heal the marital problems, etc. The workshop that seems exactly like a honeymoon is strongly recommended for newly-weds

In this informative live seminar, couples are offered valuable insights and secrets on how to take a thorough look at themselves, their backgrounds, relationship and their future. Spouses desiring to find true happiness and further their knowledge of postmarital life will benefit. Couples are strongly encouraged to attend this training time together.

Highly arduous tasks, both Beacon and Mawadhah are usually held at places away from the hustle and bustle of daily life, led by experienced life coaches.

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