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Beacon 2019: A Journey in Search of Myself

By far, this was one of the most amazing and life-changing experiences of my entire life. Every minute including the bus trip up and down was enjoyed and cherished by everyone. Led by Mr Mutheeulhaq, we went through a lot of simple yet elegant and effective sessions. Starting with the pole exchanging game and ending with the confession session everyone went through sweeping changes and various emotions. Talents we didn't know existed within us came to light and the confidence buried deep brown shone bright surprising us over surprises. Strangers became the best of friends and the introverts extroverts. Our trainer and therapist Mr Mutheeulhaq made every session as enjoyable and effective as possible. It was two precious days of fun and transformation that helped us create the best of memories. The scenery of the site played its part as well. For the first time in many of our lives, we learned to accept life with grace and gratitude. Going on this wonderful trip and experiencing the change was of course a blessing. Looking back, this will indeed be the most spectacular trip that served as a stepping stone to a new life. I will forever be grateful for taking us on this wonderful journey of happiness and success.

World Population Day observed

A seminar with paper presentation and discussion was conducted by the UG Departmentof Zaitoon International Girls Campus. The seminar concluded that population is not the major threat but the unscientific management of natural resources is. As Indira Gandhi said at the UN Conference in 1972, “when it comes to the depletion of natural resources and environmental pollution, the increase of one inhabitant in an affluent country, at his level of living, is equivalent to an increase of many Asians, Africans or Latin Americans at their current material levels of living”.

Authoritative lecture by Aslam Hudawi

For Zaitoon’s English aspirants from both its HS and UG who have been in search of an authoritative lecture on ‘Prospects of English studies in view of the National Education Policy - 2019’, Saturday’s discourse was a dream come true. The talk, which proved thrust and parry of any question related to prospects of English studies in India, was delivered by Aslam Hudawi, assistant professor of Maulana Azad National Urdu University, Hyderabad. Thanks to him for uncovering the cloud of anxiety that has been hanging on English careers and introducing a variety of English courses a Zaitoonite can pursue in her future.

Zaitoon at heights of glory !

Congratulations Fathima Sharafiya and Farha Aysha on putting another feather in Zaitoon’s cap. ZIGS team is proud to know that you both have come 30th and 57th in the rank list of AMU All India Entrance Exam. Words can hardly express how proud we are of your pioneering journey from ZAITOON to Miranda House, Delhi , the No.1 college of India.

Seminar focusing on 'Imam Ghazzali: Life and Ideology'

In what seemed like nothing they had done through their journey here so far, UG students of Zaitoon International Girls Campus, held a half day seminar focusing on 'Imam Ghazzali: Life and Ideology'. In the program, which was inaugurated by Sayyida Sajnath Beevi, Panakkad, Fathima Nargees gave a paper on ‘Imam Ghazzali and His Message’, Ayisha Thasneem on ‘Feel the Ecstasy of Worship through Ihya’, Farhana Sherin on ‘The Pathway of Iman Prescribed by Imam Ghazzali’, Hannath C on ‘Miracles of Heart according to Ihya’ and Ayisha Thasleema on ‘The Importance of Spirituality’. Congratulations! Your performance was way too impressive. Zaitoon is proud of you and wishes you a promising career.

Mindset Workshop by Muthihul Haq

Zaitoon is happy to let you know that Mr Mutheeulhaq, one of its psychology professors, is organizing a training program for UAE parents at Centro Hotel, Sharjah on 16 Feb 2019. Interested parents or families are requested to contact : +971501733843.

The workshop includes Brain Gym, Goal Setting, Mindfulness,Stress release,Trauma Cleaning, Extra sensory power active, Emotional freedom technique etc.

Commemoration of the late Athippatta Ustad

It's Always Their Demise That Makes Us Realize How Great They Were Zaitoonites can never forget this morning as it was today when most of them came to know about a great sufi saint of the era who literally practised Sunnah both in his private and public lives. In todays program organized to commemorate the late Athippatta Ustad, the initial spiritual talk was given by Ustad Shabeer Musliyar, the honourable MD of Zaitoon International Girls Campus.

Ustad Abdussamad Pookkotur then graced the program wih his highly authentic and informative talk about the spiritual life of the late Athippatta Ustad and other spiritual leaders who passed away in this holy month. He also talked about how an ideal Muslima can contribute her best to the community without compromising her faith and ideology.

Karate & Kobudo Tournament

The winners of KARATE & KOBUDO TOURNAMENT, MASTER’S CUP 2018, were felicitated at a function organised by the institution on Saturday. The chief guest was Majiziya Bhanu, India's Hijabi powerlifter and the only Malayali represetative in Powerlifting World Cup to be held at Moscow, Russia on 14, 15 and 16, December. She gave away the awards and shared her pleasant and bitter experiences in her career so far.

Complimenting the institution for equipping its students to perform well, she said that her hijab had never stopped her from seeking the peaks of excellence.

Zaitoonites Sweep The Board

Eventually, they proved remarkable endurance and sharp brilliance. When the results of KARATE & KOBUDO TOURNAMENT, MASTER’S CUP 2018 were announced, the proud participants of Zaitoon International Girls Campus had already swept the board.

While most of the other participants were out of the game Zaitoonites, with their tactical movements and aggressive strokes, continued to make the grade in all the encounters, overpowering their opponents one after the other and clinching straightforward victory in the epic tournament that lasted for the first two days of December, 2018, at Sulthan Bathery.

A two-day mind reset programme

A two-day mind reset programme was organised at Calicut on 28, 29 November. The programme was meant for those students who had been in search of an ultimate solution to rid themselves of exam fear, to beat short memory and after all to realise the true power of their mind. The entire programme was led by Mutheeul Haq Faisy, a renowned psycho therapist and the chief faculty member of Zaitoon’s Psychology Department.

According to the participants, the program brought about many visible changes in their mindset and character. For them, it was a life-time opportunity, after many hard years, to put their feet up and have a complete relaxation, totally focusing on their own selves, a sporting chance to bury the dark side of their lives and kick off the life once again afresh. It was indeed a chance to switch themselves off their daily chores and sharpen their concentration.

Books Launched

‘Adios’ a novel authored by Heba Abdulla, and ‘Unfortunate Poems’, a collection of 64 poems co-authored by Manaal Faheema and Samah Nizar were officially released last evening at the 36th Sharjah International Book Fair. The guest of honour was Idris Mears, a renowned writer and editor from UK. He is currently the project leader of ‘Books on Islam and the Muslim World’.

The programme was also graced by the presence of Mr Mujeeb Jaihoon, a prolific writer, an inspiring orator and a tireless traveller and Dr Zubair Hudawi, a great thinker and a seasoned academician of the time. Thanks to Mr Mohan Kumar, Head, External Affairs, Sharjah International Book Fair for his wholehearted support.

Sharjah International Book Fair

It's a proud moment for us as 3 of our students are going to release their books at Sharjah International Book Fair on 10th November. Heba Abdullah authored the novel Adios which comes around 130 pages & Manal Fahemma & Samah Nizar co-authored the book 'Unfortunate Poems' which is a collection of 100 poems.

They may be the first Keralite +2 students in the world to release an English Novel from SIBF. Later, on a note of appreciation, they had a special meeting with Panakkad Sayyid Munavvar Ali Shihab... May Allah accept our efforts & prayers.

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